Grammar school entrance exams vary from school to school but they contain the following components:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Non verbal reasoning


Students sit the entrance examinations early in September of Year 6 and results are released in October. This allows parents to select the grammar school as their first choice if their child has gained a place. At Redditch Professional Tuition we offer programmes of study using appropriate papers and online resources to ensure that your child is well prepared for the 11 Plus examination. Our centre has a proud tradition of helping local children gain places at selective grammar schools (Alcester Grammar, King Edward VI Five Ways, King Edward VI Camp Hill).

We offer a free, comprehensive assessment for all Year 4-5 students. We will provide professional, honest advice which will enable parents to make an informed decision about 11 plus preparation for their child. The 11 plus examinations are very competitive and the required standards are high. We do not believe that it is in the best interests of children to prepare them for examinations if we judge that they will have very little chance of success. If your child is not a suitable candidate or is not making the expected progress, we will inform you.

It is important that children do not feel that they are failures if they do not gain entry at a grammar school. Children will have developed learning skills and gained understanding of concepts during the course of their 11 plus preparation and these will be of value to them during the rest of their school years. At Redditch Professional Tuition we are proud of all of our 11 plus students and celebrate their hard work and commitment.